20121112-150616.jpgWelcome to HelloMyNameIs.com.  We are in BETA.  The purpose of what you are seeing is just for the infancy stage of what HelloMyNameIs.com is trying to accomplish, to bring you a new way of expressing yourself.  Don’t fall for misleading sites that give you the impression that you are able to better know of someone’s profile.  The Truth is coming out and no one can hide.  Hello My Name is .com


Hello my name is .com


Interestingly, I was running around getting some clothes, and came across a store that offered custom shirt printing and embroidery.  Luckily, I came across the perfect shirt which I thought would serve best aligned with the purpose of this site.  I experimented by spending $20 and this is what I got out of it.  A HelloMyNameIs.com T-Shirt..  Yes, it’s cool, but it was too tight.  I didn’t try on the shirt prior to me purchasing it.  I live and learn.  Next time, I will check the right size.  Hey, but it looks cool, doesn’t it?


su! soo



She’s always doing some research to understand why certain things happen.  Not only is she responsible, listen, she also needs to relax and have a little Rest & Relaxation.  Can’t keep working all the time, then you go crazy.  It’s like eating salad every day, you know your brain cannot handle it or else you will create some addition or stale environments for yourself, where you will not have any practice of change.  You’ll be so use to the same thing that having to make a chance just for the slight instance of time, will feel uncomfortable as you will feel out of place.  You will be so used to the same routine, that you won’t be able to change.  This is a Brain Disease.  You will not like it, or else you have no choice, you will suffer if you do the same thing over and over?  Do you agree or disagree?

Ice Machine



We were spending time at a hotel for about $99/night.  Luckily, we came across an ice machine to fill up our ice chest.  The Ice was conveniently located.  It was good enough to fill the entire ice chest.  Ice Frozen was great.




This flower or item that grows on a tree is a flower of the cannabis plant.  Not only is it very strong in smell, it grows crystals, natural crystals, which when converted into a vapor or fume, with or without burning, creates a form of vaporish type chemical air, which is what affects the neuro sense.  Is this something you agree or disagree?




Ok, this guy is not BOB, but it sure sounds good to call him Bob.

Bob is a good name to call a good person.

Young Coconut



Young Coconut is a great source of natural water.  Natural Fruit Water is pretty much a good base for a lot of drinks, if you plan on going natural.  This is an unprocessed way of drinking juice.  This outer skin protects the meat and juice, but inner skin of Coconut Meat, which houses the Coconut water.  Drink it up because it is high in electrolytes, great for re-hydration.

Fish Taco



Fish Tacos are great to eat.  Street Tacos are great to eat.  But without a doubt, if you can get your hands on a freshly grilled fish taco, you will be shocked how great the taco is and how tasty it can be with all the salsa.  Hello My Name Is to the Fish Taco.

Fish cake



This is Fish Cake. Fish Cake is an item that is usually accompanied with side dishes while eating KBBQ, or Korean Barbecue. Korean BBQ is a great food to eat, if you are a Meat Eater. Meat is a big deal when eating Korean Food. Fish Cakes goes good with the meat, but if you really want the best experience, try grilling the Fish Cake, and it will be much better in taste, feel, and texture.

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